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Data Last Updated on 2/26/20 at 4:13pm

Current Conditions


38.8°F Wind Speed: WNW @ 10mph
Humidity: 74 % Wind Chill: 32.2°F
Heat Index: 42.2°F Wind Gust: 11 mph
Dew Point: 31.2°F Beaufort Scale: Gentle Breeze
Barometric Pressure: 30.07 in. Rainfall Today: 0.01 in.
Comfort Level: Cool Rainfall Past Hour: 0.00 in.
Heat Stress: --- Rainfall Past 24 Hours: 0.01 in.
    Rainfall This Month: 6.03 in.
    Rainfall Year to Date: 11.88 in.

Temperature Data
Current Temperature: 38.8 °F
Rate of Change: -0.32 °F/hr.
Todays Average Temperature: 39.1 °F
Todays High: 46.0 °F
Time of Todays High: 12:00am
Todays Low: 38.8 °F
Time of Todays Low: 3:30pm
Quickest Rise Today: 0.63 °F/hr.
Quickest Rise Time: 10:29am
Quickest Drop Today: -1.15 °F/hr.
Quickest Drop Time: 1:28pm

Wind Data
Current Wind Speed: 10mph
Current Wind Direction: WNW
Todays Average Wind Speed: 6mph
Wind Gust Last 10 Minutes: 11mph
Todays Highest Wind Speed: 17mph
Time of Todays Highest Wind Speed: 3:07pm
Highest Wind Speed This Month: 28mph
Date of Highest Wind Speed This Month: 2/12/20
Highest Wind Speed This Year: 29mph
Date of Highest Wind Speed This Year: 1/11/20
Daily Wind Run: 62 miles
Wind Run Month:

1563 miles

Wind Run Year:

3212 miles

Humidity Data
Current Humidity: 74 %
Rate of Change: -0.8 %/hr.
Todays Average Humidity: 75 %
Todays Highest Humidity: 93 %
Time of Todays Highest Humidity: 12:00am
Todays Lowest Humidity: 73 %
Time of Todays Lowest Humidity: 2:39pm
Quickest Rise of Humidity Today: 1.7 %/hr.
Quickest Rise Time: 7:14am
Quickest Drop of Humidity Today: -5.4 %/hr.
Quickest Drop Time: 2:39pm

Dewpoint Data
Current Dewpoint: 31.2 °F
Rate of Change: -0.57 °F/hr.
Todays Average Dewpoint: 31.8 °F
Todays Highest Dewpoint: 44.1 °F
Time of Todays Highest Dewpoint: 12:00am
Todays Lowest Dewpoint: 30.9 °F
Time of Todays Lowest Dewpoint: 3:30pm
Quickest Rise of Dewpoint Today: 0.52 °F/hr.
Quickest Rise Time: 12:26pm
Quickest Drop of Dewpoint Today: -2.00 °F/hr.
Quickest Drop Time: 2:49pm

Barometric Pressure Data
Current Barometric Pressure: 30.07 in.
Rate of Change: 0.028 in./hr.
Todays Average Barometric Pressure: 30.04 in.
Todays Highest Barometric Pressure: 30.07 in.
Time of Todays Highest Barometric Pressure: 4:10pm
Todays Lowest Barometric Pressure: 29.90 in.
Time of Todays Lowest Barometric Pressure: 3:09am
Quickest Rise of Barometric Pressure Today: 0.035 in./hr.
Quickest Rise Time: 3:28pm
Quickest Drop of Barometric Pressure Today: -0.033 in./hr.
Quickest Drop Time: 2:44am


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